Video Poker Odds

Speaking about video poker odds we understand the probability of each hand that can occur. First it must be underlined that the odds can vary in the different variants of video poker game because each variant of the game has its own payoff table, and its own details of game running. Thus, before playing choose the variation of the game with the best odds. But it is essential not only to choose video poker version with the suitable odds but also to apply trustful video poker system for each variant of the game thus to get the minimum possible housed edge. In case you choose the game on the spot, and do not use any strategy you may lose in the long run playing. Advanced gamblers always use video poker strategy and gamble logically to get the highest video poker odds.

Below we offer the short odds table which may be successfully applied to all possible versions of video poker. You can find out some similarity with the ordinary 5-card draw poker as actually the winning possibilities in both variants of the game are practically the same.

Hand Number of Hands Odds
Royal Flush 4 649,740 (to 1)
Straight Flush 36 72,192
Four of a Kind 624 4,164
Full House 3,744 693
Flush 5,108 508
Straight 10,200 254
Three of a Kind 54,912 46
Two Pairs 123,552 20
One Pair 1,098,240 1.37
No Combination 1,302,540 1

As you may understand from the chart, there is the biggest possibility of one pair hand to come out (72%) and the smallest one is that of royal flush that is just 0.0001%. That is why, if you want to win big don’t much rely on royal flush because you may lose all money before this hand comes out.

As we have already said, this chart reflects the general tendency of getting various hands in practically all video poker versions. To get further information check the site you play at.