Paroli System

Paroli system of betting is based on positive progression principles in wagering. This system is likely to be in opposition to Martingale system features negative progression ideas. So what's the sense of Paroli system actually?
You should place 1 unit bet at start and if you win - then increase your bet amount. In this case each next bet will be higher than the previous one. And only if you lose - you return to 1 unit betting. Everything is simple and fun. So raise your stakes when you win - in other words: strike while the iron is hot.

Paroli System Extras

Always keep in mind the next fact: you must plan your overall strategy on stakes beforehand if you decided to choose Paroli system among the bingo betting techniques.
It means to mark the limits of wager increase. Just set a final point for bets increasing and follow this principle. Do not go beyond this borderline and start a new cycle of betting in case you've managed to reach Paroli system peak.
In fact, your decision on betting limitation depends on the next factors as a rule:

  • Type of game you are participating;
  • Kind of odds available for a player (bingo probability as in our case).

Thus Paroli betting is likely to be more stable and balanced system in comparison with other methods. It doesn't require a high bankroll to start playing in fact.

Practice Guide on Paroli System

Imagine you are playing virtual bingo at online casino. Everything is fine: you are at home, with coke and chips by your side. Browser is launched, site is opened, bankroll screen shows $50 - especially for you to start.
Paroli system is chosen. Let the party begins.
Then you choose minimal possible bet and place it first: here is $2 for you, my virtual friend in claret suit. Stakes are accepted.
You start and you win. $2 profit to your initial wager = $4. It's a next bet of yours.
2nd round ends successfully as well. You are paid even money again and $4 bet transforms into $8. A high time to stop.
So now you decide to restart Paroli system as a final betting point (decided beforehand) is touched. You slide into $2 betting again and continue your bingo chasing just like that - fight until final victory will be achieved.