How To Play Bingo Game Online

Online Bingo is one of the most popular games on the Internet gambling portals. Frankly speaking, the game is a lot like a lottery, though it has a lot of special features that make it absolutely different from card and slot games.


The basic rules of how to play bingo game online are very simple. All the player has to do is pick the cards and complete the pattern. The cards are 5x5 grids with 24 numbers on it from a range of 1-75. The center of the card is an empty space. In a bingo ticket the columns are marked with the letters "B", "I", "N", "G", "O". Each column on the bingo ticket contains 5 random numbers: B- 1-15, I- 16-30, N - 31-45, G - 46-60 and O - 61-75.

Numbers in the Game

All the numbers on the card are printed randomly but no number is repeated. The dealer picks out balls in a random order and calls them out. The players have few seconds after the ball was called to find it on their tickets and mark it. As they go on, the first player who completes the winning pattern is a winner. The pattern is an image that is to be completed on the players tickets with the marked numbers.

The prizes for a bingo game may vary from hall to hall. However, the most popular ones are cash, domestic appliances, bottles of champagne or other attractive things. Some online bingo halls provide an opportunity to play for free to try the luck and test the skills. In addition, many online bingo halls offer amazing deposit and no deposit bonuses for all the new players. Online casino bonus gives a chance to play much longer and have fun.

Bingo game rules are as you can see much more simple than the rules of blackjack, poker and other gambling games. Therefore, any player may win jackpot no matter how experienced he is.

Hope now you understand how to play bingo game online and can see that it is a lot like playing at the real land based halls.