Mini-Roulette - Wheel Game

It is very easy to play online mini-roulette game, as this game is very close to traditional roulette games. First you need to download casino software. Then you need to choose a particular bet and place it. Be attentive: system of bets in mini roulette differs from betting structure of traditional roulette game.

Mini roulette in online casino has some particular features, for example, you can vary the size of your bet just with one click! Of course, it is more simple to do than in traditional casino, where you first need to buy chips, and then ask dealer to place your bets.

Mini Roulette Comparing to Traditional Roulette

As it name says, mini roulette is just a small version of traditional roulette game. European and American game variation have 37 and 38 numbered pockets correspondingly, but in mini roulette there are only 12 of them.

All the numbers are colored differently: there are red, black, and green numbers. 0 is green, and others are black and red. Due to different colors of pockets you may choose whether you want to make bet on red numbers, or on black. Besides, you can make a choice between odd and even numbers. You can also place bet at one of the 3 columns, or 3 groups of numbers. Of course, you are allowed to make an inside bet – just choose any number or numbers at the layout.

Maximum Payouts

The payments of this mini game are various and most of the payout would very thrilling to the player. Generally, the payment system is different than other conventional roulette game such as odd and even, red and black, one to six, four to nine and seven to twelve where you would find one to one, two to one and three to one payment. But you have to eleven to one pay bet at that time.

Less is More

In this game the table would be look the regular roulette table and it would be same. Though, the mini game table number is less but the outlook on the table would be very significant for all gamblers.