Regional Bingo Variations - More Bingo Games for Player

Bingo comes in many different variations. The game began back then as a lottery game played mostly in Renaissance Italy after which it spread to France in the 18th century. When social gaming was legitimized, many ‘Bingo Clubs’ popped up and there was even an increased variation of games that could be played. Most of the bingo variations present today are regional even though these games pose significant similarities with one another.

Depending on where people come from or live, they end up being more familiar with bingo variations that are common to their region. You might be surprised to know that there are so many versions that exist beside the one or two versions that you are well used to. One of the most common variations is the 90 Ball Bingo which is played mostly in U.K. The game is usually played on tickets having 15 numbers that are scatted on three rows with 5 numbers per row. The tickets for this game come in strips comprising six tickets and no number is repeated and in all, there are 90 numbers. As the balls get called, the players cross the numbers off their balls in their attempt to win.

Another very common regional bingo variation is the 30 ball bingo which is a rather short variation of classic bingo games. The 30 ball bingo cards usually contain 9 boxes that are arranged in 3x3 patterns with each box having a single number. The numbers range between 1 and 30 without any repetition and this version was designed in a way that it could be played and end fast. Another one is the 75 Ball bingo which is mostly a U.S based bingo game and is played with only 75 balls. For one to win, five numbers should be marked in a column, a row or a diagonal.

The 80 ball bingo is yet another common variation and is largely a UK based version that makes use of 4x4 matrix tickets and is quite similar to the US bingo version especially when it comes to playing style. This variation permits a greater winning combination of numbers. Another US bingo card variation is the pattern bingo where the winning combinations should form a specific pattern or shape like the Letter T or L. Just the game starts, the patterns which the player will form are announced. Other common bingo variations include coverall, bonanza bingo, quickie and Texas Blackout.