Parley Betting System

Parlay betting system (you may also find Let it Ride name) is considered to be a positive progressive method of betting similar to Paroli system. This system is believed to be one of the oldest methods of bet placing.
You may find Parlay betting principles not only in bingo but in many other gambling activities (in horse race for example).
Parlay betting systems is simple and effective no doubt. Its basics are proven and experienced by many gambling enthusiasts and stand the test of time.
Let's dwell on Parlay betting with more sample treatment.

Parlay Betting Rules

The fundamental basis of the discussed system is a profit pyramiding principle. In this context pyramiding means the original bet + winning sum which are used for the next round betting.
The sequence is simple:

  • You place a bet;
  • You win;
  • You leave initial bet + a profit (or a part of it) at the table for the next bets of yours;
  • Thus your bets and winnings increase fast and you grow rich by leaps and bounds.

As we see Parlay betting system runs into winnings and bankroll actually and makes you go a bull.
Now let's consider this bingo betting method in examples directly.
Imagine you are playing at the bingo table featuring $10-$100 limits for bets.

  • You play risky (or you just got drunk) and place a maximum bet at once;
  • You hit a bingo combination is paid 3:2;
  • You grab your $100 bet + 150 buck income;
  • So now you have $250 to wager (profit + original bet) on the following bets.

Parlay Betting Choice

Parlay betting method is likely to be an effective and profitable one. It's widely used by bingo players in tight connection with other betting systems or bingo strategies.
In fact, you must not have a huge bankroll at your possession to employ this system. Parlay betting involves less risk in comparison with other methods and still it's very profitable and acting.
The whole idea of bankroll and profits mix is well accepted by many gamblers who are aiming to earn serious sums of money via casino playing.
At all events you should try Parlay betting method and be sure - this thing is worth the effort.