Martingale System

The Martingale system of betting is believed to be one of the most popular and old methods to manage your wager. Plus this system combines two such favorable characteristics as: simple and effective.
Martingale system is widely used in bingo betting (with even money types of bets usually) and preferred by many 21 game enthusiasts.
The method under consideration presents a negative progression system of betting and based on probability of losing innumerable number of times.

Martingale System Action

If you decided to use Martingale system then you start acting in the following way:

  • You bet 1 unit firstly;
  • In case you win your bet - you proceed 1 unit betting;
  • You place 1 unit bet until you lose actually;
  • In case you lose your bet - you double the betting sum;
  • You proceed doubling of the betting sums until the moment you finally win;
  • After a round win - you return to 1 unit betting.

This betting system brings profits to a player by means of little risk. The Martingale system course is calm and reasonable - unless you lose many times in a row.
So study rules for bingo well if you don't want Martingale system turn into a hell of losses.

Martingale System Practicing

Now it's a high time to consider the system by examples:

  • Imagine you are playing bingo card game and start your bets with $5 sum;
  • You lose your bet and thus the next wager of yours will be $10 (according to the system recommendations you double your previous bet);
  • Sorry, but you lose again. Your next bet is, yes, you are right - it's $20;
  • It's not your day as yet - you lose your 20 bucks. But it would be stupidly to stop and resign a game. So you continue with $40 betting;
  • And now you finally win! You get paid 1:1 - $40 is yours now.

Now let's conclude - you've managed to lose the following bets:

  • 1st one -$5;
  • 2nd one - $10;
  • 3rd one - $20;

3 bets in total as you see. So the total sum you've lost is 35 bucks. But since you won $40 bet (the 4th one) - you've made a profit of $5 as a result. Not bad, agree.
Now the game resumes its normal course and you push $5 chip forward again. Dealer smiles to you and so it goes.