10 Greatest Things

10 Greatest Things around Bingo

As bingo continues to be more and more popular, there are many great things you should know about this favorite game for many.

  1. Starting off as a humble game that was played at the back streets, bingo has developed massively and it is now a billion dollar industry and has glamorous casinos and online gaming sites where the game can be played. In addition a large number of celebrities are fans of this game.
  2. Just like the millions of households from all over the world who get together at bingo halls and other venues to play bingo, the Royal family is also known to love this game. In fact, Prince William is an avid bingo player.
  3. The biggest ever win in a bingo game was recorded in 2012 December when an ordinary job center worker earned a cool £5.9million million. The winner, John Orchard had placed a stake of only 30p and scooped the life changing win.
  4. If you think that bingo is a game meant for pensioners, you are very mistaken as many high profile celebrities have pocketed huge winnings with this game. People like Prince William, Russell Crowe and Catherine Zeta Jones have had their share of cake in the world of bingo.
  5. According to recent studies, bingo is played by more than 100 million people from all over the world which include both online and offline players.
  6. A significant proportion of bingo players, 80 percent to be precise comprises of women aged between thirty and fifty years old. But recent promotions have been attracting younger players and the number of men practicing this hobby today has been increasing considerably.
  7. Bingo playing is definitely secure and gives you an incredible chance of winning large sums of money. Even with online bingo players can always rest assured that the info they share will be kept private and safe at all times.
  8. Bingo offers lots of fun not just because you get to socialize with people from all corners of the world but because of the huge sums of money that you stand to win.
  9. Emergence of online bingo halls has been great news to bingo lovers because they can play their favorite game with great convenience and simplicity at the confinement of their own home.
  10. Finally, picture yourself having won a million dollar bingo jackpot! This is no doubt the greatest thing around bingo that awaits you.