Bingo Odds

Theoretically, it is very simple to calculate bingo odds. You can compute your odds by dividing the number of bingo cards you are playing by total number of bingo cards in play. For example, let’s say that there are 100 cards being used in the game and you are playing with 4 cards. Then, your chance of winning the game is 4 divided by 100 which give you 4 percent. Ideally, the whole trick is that you count the total number of cards in the game which cane be done by head counting the players and multiplying this with the average cards each person has. As you will realize, it is easier to say this than get it done.

Keep in mind the fact that bingo odds aren’t applicable to the progressive jackpot games. This is because most of these progressive games do not guarantee a winner. As such, the odds that you will win a progressive jackpot majorly depend on how difficult it is to cover the pattern called out. These odds are very steep in certain progressive games and could end up taking months before someone actually wins.

To better your bingo odds, it is essential that you know about the numbers that come up more often than others. Of course every player wants to know the secret behind knowing the number or pattern that will be called out in the game. The answer to this is pretty simple because no number has a higher chance than any other in Bingo. However, this only holds true if the bingo tickets are manufactured correctly and that no one has tampered with them. Imagine, in a three hour bingo session, N-42 comes up three times while N-31 is never called. This might lead to some winners who want to win to think that they should collect bingo cards containing N-31. However, this doesn’t improve your odds in the game as it is just coincidence that one number was called more times than another one.

But there are few ways that you can tip the odds to your favor in bingo. For instance, considering that bingo odds depend on number of cards being played in a game, it makes sense that avoiding the crowds will better your chances of winning. Play when bad timing attracts a less crowd such as in times of bad weather when not so many people can make it to the bingo hall.