History of Casino

The record of gambling dates back to olden times that are away from your imagination. A belief is that hell, sea and heaven were split because of a dice thrown by Hades, Poseidon and Zeus. The facts gathered by Archeologists, says that even early cavemen used to gamble. Gambling is among the oldest activities which have been taken up by mankind.

There are facts that date back to prehistoric era, proving that gambling prevailed in those ages. Even the cultures that dominated the civilization in that time maintained gambling in some forms. In the time, when material assets were of no importance, our ancestors went to the limit of staking their family or themselves for the enjoyment of gambling.

Global Evidences

Going back to the data and facts collected about this matter, there are numerous proofs that support the record of gambling. It has been found that almost four thousand years back, objects like dice were created with ankle bone of sheep and were called Astragali. There are many cave drawings found by historians, which prove the subsistence of gamblers in early times.

According to archeological data, Chinese civilization had invented a variety of gambling that use tiles, back in 2300 B.C. 1100 years later the Greek also god indulged in dice games. In Thebes, back in 1500 B.C. Egypt, ivory was used for making a couple of dice and in Japan, India and Rome relics related to gambling have been discovered. During the period of Revolutionary War, lotteries came to existence. The initiative of purchasing the foremost national lottery ticket was taken by Washington in 1973.

Important Events

It is held that Kind of Sweden and Norway came together for deciding the possession of a town called Hising with a dice game. Norway won the gamer of luck and got the territory. As per the claim made by some facts, King Henry VIII banned gambling after discovering that his soldiers spend more time to play the chance games instead of improving the skills for battle field. Lotteries were also banned during the Civil Was reformation.

Modern Time

The innate wish to become richer and prosperous overnight is the main factor behind the popularity of gambling. This is why people are addicted to gambling, but with the gaining of legal form it changed a lot. The present gambling practices include roulette, poker, slot machines, playing cards, blackjack etc. The heaven for gamblers is undisputedly Las Vegas. It is an isolated valley however, with hassle-free government regulations people started to gain interest in the chance games and within a short period it emerged as the leading destination for gambler.