Best Bingo Websites

In order to play bingo with good winning chances it is important to understand game rules, and special terminology which is used in the game. If you just start to play bingo game, this page should be your starting point.

Bingo card - The ticket with numbers on it. Your aim is to mark the called numbers if they are on your card.

Chatroom - the online feature that allows instant chat with online bingo players.

Coverall (Blackout)- A jackpot winning pattern. You need to cover the whole card to win.

Early Bird - a game that begins before the scheduled game.

Free space - the center square of the bingo ticket that is blank and is automatically marked before the game begins.

Hardway - Bingo is a line without the free space.

Jackpot - the sum of money that is the largest prize in the game.

Minimum buy-in - The lowest amount of money you have to deposit or the smallest number of tickets you are to buy to participate in the game.

Pattern - The shape players are to cover on bingo tickets with marked called out numbers. Can be a straight line (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) or any other shape depending on the organizers of the game.

List of most popular chat terms: 

BLNG - Better luck next game

GL - Goodluck

GL2U - Good luck to you

GLE - Good luck everyone

GLNG - Good luck next game

SOHF - Sense of humor failure

SRY -Sorry

TY - Thankyou

TYVM - Thank you very much


3TG, 2TG, 1TG three, two or one number to complete the pattern.

WTG - Way to Go!

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