Slots - Extraordinary Machines

In order to cope with the particular slot machine game, the gamers must know the way slot machine functions in general. If knowing the functioning principles, the gamers will be able to realize and understand some particular slot machine game and the ways of its best possible winning.
Thus, in order to find out how to win at slots, let us review the slot machine mechanism at work.

Slots Technologies

Slot machine game technology has been changed much in recent years. The matter is that the traditional mechanical slots designs are being almost completely replaced by the innovative slot machines that tend to be completely computerized and automatically controlled.

However, slot machine game actually remains the same. In order to start it, the gamer should only pull the lever or push the button. Losing or winning, the slot machine payout will be determined by means of the pay lines.

Slots Design

Any classic slot mechanism is more likely to be working on the elaborate levels and gears configuration. The core element of the slot machine mechanism is known to be the specific shaft made of metal. It is designed to support the reels. The shaft must be connected to the mechanism of the handle that actually makes things move. It is the braking system that makes the reels that are spinning stop in a particular moment. Slots sensors transmit the reels position directly to the payout system. After that the coin detector registers that initially the coin was inserted and enables the braking system to be unlocked for the handle to be able to move.

Variety of Possibilities, the Basic Design

There are a lot of possible variants of how to arrange the above mentioned elements. Because of that, the manufacturers of the slots have tried a lot of different approaches.
The basic slot machine game design, as a rule, includes 3 reels that are mounted on the core shaft. The major part of it supports the so called notched discs. These elements are connected to 3 reels. The other shaft that is located under the central is designed to support the kicker that consists of the metal piece with 3 paddles. They are lined up in such a way that they can easily push the abovementioned notches on 3 discs.