Roulette Odds Table

Like in each casino game in roulette the casino has an advantage (5.26% or 2.7%) according to the game variant you play – American or Roulette. Besides, the roulette odds may also slightly vary according to special cash promotions, in particular when playing on Internet. It is a little bit bewildering why the maximum payoff is only 35 to 1 if the roulette wheel comprises 38 numbers. It is just the casino edge which tells how gambling halls gain profit. It must be admitted that in the French roulette casino advantage is simply 2.7%, cause of this we suggest you to play only the game with French roulette wheel.

No matter the gambling strategies you use or what variant of game you play it is undoubtedly possible to win. The roulette game is pretty easy since the basic information you must know deals with the odds in roulette game. Here we offer you the information on various odds at American and European Roulette as to different bets.

Type of Bet

European Wheel

American Wheel

Inside Bets


37 to 1

38 to 1


18.5 to 1

19 to 1


12.3 to 1

12.7 to 1


9.25 to 1

9.5 to 1


7.4 to 1

7.6 to 1


6.2 to 1

6.3 to 1

Outside Bets


3.1 to 1

3.2 to 1


3.1 to 1

3.2 to 1

Red or Black

2.06 to 1

2.11 to 1

Even or Odd

2.06 to 1

2.11 to 1

Low or High

2.06 to 1

2.11 to 1